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Valium Addiction

Valium addiction is more common than you think. It is available in pill form and is often prescribed as a way to treat muscle spasms, seizures, high anxiety, and it helps alleviate alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Its effects have a longer duration (20-70 hours) than many other drugs, especially when used for more than four months, as a person’s brain begins to not recognize how to properly operate without it.


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Valium Effects and Abuse

People who abuse valium often are among those who have a great deal of ongoing stress in their lives. However, instead of using it to get high, abusers commonly take valium to relieve their anxiety and daily stress, along with to help them fall asleep. The feelings of euphoria and extreme calmness can be obtained by taking large doses. Thinking valium is safe just because it is not illegal is a big misunderstanding, and it has led many people to overdose when taking it.

Effects of a Valium overdose include:

  • Breathing trouble
  • Drowsiness
  • Double vision
  • Movement and coordination issues
  • Bluish lips
  • Weakness

Abusers of valium often combine the benzo with alcohol and opiates, which depresses the central nervous system.

Valium Addiction Treatment

Trying to beat an addiction to valium without proper professional care and help may only further lead to relapse and severe medical issues. To give you or a loved one the best chance at overcoming a valium addiction, seeking help at a treatment center to alleviate withdrawal symptoms is strongly recommended. The Discovery House in Los Angeles offers customized addiction treatment programs to those suffering from an addiction to valium. Long term recovery is promoted by all of our staff members at our luxury rehab facilities, which are renowned as among the very best drug and alcohol centers in the United States.

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