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Ativan Addiction

Ativan Addiction

While it may be seen as a “harmless” drug, Ativan addiction is quite dangerous as accidental overdose can happen easily. Especially when combined with alcohol, Ativan overdoses take place at a far more frequent rate than many realize.


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What is Ativan?

Ativan is a prescription benzodiazepine medically used as an anti-anxiety medication to help those suffering from epilepsy and insomnia. It’s the brand name for lorazepam and also is sometimes prescribed to treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms. A potent drug, Ativan is especially dangerous to those who possess a prior history of abusing drugs and alcohol, or have a personality disorder. Consumption of Ativan is usually done orally or intravenously by an IV. After entering the body, Ativan effects start to occur after nearly two hours and it usually takes 10-20 hours for it to exit an individual’s system.

Effects of Ativan Addiction

Ativan restores balance to one’s brain involving chemicals that bring about anxiety. Consuming it in large doses leads to the drug attaching to special brain receptors and initially generating an intense high before an extended feeling of calmness.

Effects of Ativan include:

  • Euphoria
  • Drowsiness
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Sense of calmness

Among the signs of an Ativan overdose are slurred speech, confusion, low blood pressure, lack of body movement and control, weakness, and slow breathing. Combining Ativan with other drugs such as cocaine, methadone, amphetamines or even alcohol can also lead to a coma and death.

Ativan Addiction Treatment

It’s important for anyone battling a dependence or addiction to Ativan to seek treatment right away. Securing proper help and care is vital for relapse prevention and long-term recovery. The Discovery House has addiction treatment programs that can be tailored to help anyone wanting to overcome a dependence on Ativan.

Based in Los Angeles, our long term treatment centers for addiction are luxury rehab facilities led by some of the top certified addiction professionals in America. We have the best drug and alcohol centers to treat someone with an Ativan addiction, as well as anyone with cocaine, sleeping pill or heroin issues. We provide treatment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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