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Why Yoga is Awesome If You’re Recovering From Drug Abuse

Why Yoga is Awesome If You’re Recovering From Drug Abuse

The benefits of yoga have been supported for thousands of years and there is a laundry list of positive effects it has for those recovering from drug abuse. Here at The Discovery House, we believe in treating the whole individual body, mind, and spirit and yoga therapy is one among many types of effective treatment therapies that we utilize in order to do so. An ancient Indian practice, yoga has become a trendy way to promote health and well-being but it’s also one of many ways to treat addiction. So why exactly is it so awesome? Let us count the ways.

Recovering from Drug Abuse? Give Yoga a Try!

One major benefit of yoga in addiction recovery is how it helps you to deal better with stress. When you have a bad day (or week) it is a great way to diffuse and focus but it also prepares you to better deal with stress as it arises, instead of letting it all build up. The science behind it is that yoga is said to reduce cortisol levels (a.k.a. the stress hormone). It is also said to dramatically increase your levels of everyday happiness and many people who practice yoga report having a strong sense of inner peace as well as improved mental clarity, concentration, and memory.

Yoga is also great for physical fitness and one of the major benefits of practicing it, is that it improves strength and flexibility without putting too much strain on the body. Many professional athletes incorporate it into their fitness routine to increase balance and conditioning. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle while in drug addiction recovery gives you the strength that you need to build a your path of recovery. It can also help with weight control and digestive issues.

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Drugs or alcohol abuse, people tend to lose touch with their bodies and their minds. By introducing a regular yoga practice, they can work toward facing their emotions and their issues that lead them to substance abuse to begin with. It can make a dramatic change to the mental state of someone who is addicted, increase sense of well-being, and significantly decrease symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression.

Additionally, yoga is a portable relapse prevention tool that is free and can be done no matter where you are. The wonderful world wide web has made it possible to find just about any kind of yoga instruction that one might need, free of charge via sites like Youtube.

Do you have a daily or weekly yoga practice? How has it helped you in your recovery? Share with us in the comments below or via Facebook. If you have a specific question about a particular item contact us via our form or by calling 888.962.8932 for more information on what to bring to rehab with you.

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