Weekly Addiction News Roundup October 31st - The Discovery House Los Angeles CA
Weekly Addiction News Roundup October 31st

Weekly Addiction News Roundup October 31st

A roundup of the best in addiction news is delivered here on our blog each Monday morning.

1. Macklemore (Ben Haggerty) released his newest song “Drug Dealer” with a raw and moving music video that shows the hellish reality of opiate abuse and withdrawal. The video features the Grammy-winning artist writhing and sweating in his sheets, a flawlessly collected Ariana Deboo drowning in a sea of prescription pills. All set to lyrics about the heroin epidemic. (Fox News Health)

2. Donald Trump managed to put together a real plan for how he would address the heroin epidemic. (Donald Trump Campaign)

3. It’s time for primary care physicians to start taking the heroin epidemic seriously and do their part. (PBS)

4. Phil Collins has penned a new book that captures his life of musical success that also touches on his experiences with alcoholism as he approached his 50’s. (Daily Mail UK)

5. How parents can address addiction and drug-related behavior. (Psychology Today)

6. A group of Boston college students to host a photo exhibit to help destigmatize opioid addiction. (The Heights)

Watch Now// Macklemore Displays Reality of Drug Abuse in Drug Dealer Music Video