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On the Way to Rock Bottom

On the Way to Rock Bottom

When someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol begins to lose control in their life, they can either get help, or they can continue to spiral out of control until they hit rock bottom. Families and loved ones can try to get the person to accept help, but they often feel helpless and unsure how to approach their loved one.

An individual that abuses drugs or alcohol can usually keep up with their normal lives for at least a little while. They may keep their job for a while, they may still be able to maintain their daily responsibilities, and those around them might not know there is even a problem.

Sooner or later, however, the addiction will take control and the person will begin their downward journey. As loved ones stand by and watch the effects of addiction, it is important that they know what to do to help the person and themselves.

Find Help

Families and loved ones should first of all talk to the person and encourage them to get help. Early intervention provides the best chance at a full recovery, and it is never too early to seek help. It is not necessary for an addict to hit rock bottom before they get help, and many families have successfully convinced their loved one to enter rehab before everything fell apart.

If the substance user is not willing to get help, the family may need to make the decision to step back and allow them to head toward rock bottom. Families are encouraged to get advice from a treatment professional or an interventionist to learn how best to deal with a loved one who refused help.

Above all, family members and loved ones must take care of themselves. They need to get to a safe place, ensure they won’t be hurt by the individual, and find help for their own mental and emotional issues. For more information about helping a loved one get into rehab, or about programs for families of addicts, contact our treatment center today.