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Turning It Over: 5 Tips for Letting Go When You Don’t Want To

Turning It Over: 5 Tips for Letting Go When You Don’t Want To

It’s easy for anyone in recovery to feel positive about turning it over when everything seems to be going great. We essentially know, with practice, that letting go and allowing a greater force in life to direct us feels better, but sometimes we run into situations where practicing this principle is painful. We’ve pulled together the best resources for finding ways to turn it over that are guaranteed to help when you’re stuck in a rut.

Act with Kindness to Others and Yourself

Before beginning to worry about changing behavior, it’s important to look closely at motivation and intention. When acting out of kindness, the results are positive, in this way we create an environment conducive to adjustment and flexibility.

Prayer and Meditation

A huge part of self-care for addicts in recovery is maintaining a daily routine of prayer and meditation. When walking through challenging times, asking for direction from a higher power, and taking quiet time for oneself is as important as breathing.

Participate in your Recovery

What have you done today for your recovery? Going to meetings, therapy, reading inspirational literature and reaching out to supportive people should be regular habits, especially when experiencing an onslaught of self-will.

Recognize when you’re trying to Control

Shifting intent toward being loving to yourself and others, there is an opportunity to become more aware of controlling, inflexible behavior. By being on the path of mindfulness and recovery, recognizing behavior and intent, you can slowly heal the desire to control.

Remember Acceptance doesn’t mean Approval

Life on life’s terms is not always fair, and in situations where a loved one is suffering or we have been wronged, it can be particularly hard to let go. Accepting the facts and what we can and can’t do about it doesn’t have to be picture perfect to find the willingness to continue one day at a time.

What do you do when you find yourself struggling with turning it over? How have these measures helped you overcome a challenge in your life?

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