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The Top 5 Contemporary Recovery Movies

The Top 5 Contemporary Recovery Movies

Like a good playlist, having a good movie list is essential; and there is no shortage of film-makers willing to delve into the struggles of addiction.

If what you’re seeking is content which focuses on recovery, then the list becomes much smaller.

Listed here are the top five picks for modern films which take a close look not only at the problems of addictions, but the solutions as well.

1. When a Man Loves a Woman (1994)

Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan play husband and wife who confront her alcoholism and recovery. Taking a close look at the problems alcoholism has caused in their life, as parents and as a couple, this movie is both movingly honest and hopeful.

2. Drunks (1995)

Debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, Drunks takes us into a meeting where Jim is asked to speak to the group for the first time in 7 months. What follows is a mixture of stories as different as the individuals who fill the meeting, taking us through the tragedies and victories of recovery.

3. Jesus’ Son (1999)

This independent film meanders along with a young man in Iowa in 1971 while he comes to terms with addiction, and comes to understand Grace. Humorous and episodic, the film was adapted from short stories which come together to make a poignant illustration of spirituality and sobriety.

4. 28 Days (2000)

A lighthearted look at a woman’s struggle with alcohol, 28 Day’s honestly portrays the struggle with denial and addiction. Gwen’s recovery grows in her friendship with Andrea, a young woman she shares a room with, and the relationship between the two demonstrates the transformative power of friendship in recovery.

5. Traffic (2000)

This movie takes a coarse look at the American War on Drugs through various characters. Robert Wakefield, in taking a new position of leadership in this campaign discovers his teenage daughter’s addiction problems. Traffic shows differing positions which characterize the War on Drugs, and the daughter’s recovery signifies a wonderful personal victory to conclude the film.

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