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Setting Boundaries During the Holidays

Setting Boundaries During the Holidays

Boundaries are a healthy part of every relationship; personally and professionally. They are also the glue that strengthens these relationships when acknowledged and respected. As adults, setting boundaries is essential to success of building and maintaining happy relationships. Boundaries command respect, dignity, and integrity. They are a way of life and if you want to succeed in your recovery, you need to both set and accept them.

When it comes to recovery from substance abuse, setting boundaries is important; especially during the holidays. Wounds may not be totally healed, yet families desire to celebrate the holidays together.

Setting and respecting boundaries with family during the holiday season will ensure you all enjoy each other’s company and come out on the other side with newfound mutual respect. Voice your concerns; listen to the concerns of other family members, and work together to set boundaries that are comfortable for all of you. It’s also important to attach consequences to each boundary.

One of the most sincere forms of respect

 is actually listening to what another has to say.”

– Bryant H. McGill

Sitting down with family to discuss your fears of upcoming family gatherings and offering to work together to set boundaries during the holidays will bring you all closer as a family.