5 Realistic NYE Resolutions
5 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for Life in Recovery

5 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for Life in Recovery

For many people, starting the new year off with a hefty list of New Year’s resolutions just makes sense, but for someone in recovery from a substance use disorder, things like weight loss or saving more money can seem pretty trivial. About 40% of the population participates in forming resolutions these days, but a mere 8% manage to keep them through the year. The reason for this is that the resolutions that are formed are usually too unrealistic to keep.

5 Realistic Resolutions for Life in Recovery

For those hoping to maintain or start a life free of drugs and alcohol abuse, here are a few realistic New Year’s resolutions for you to consider for the year ahead.

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Seek Professional Help for Your Substance Abuse

If you haven’t reached out for help already, there is no time like the present. Unlike making a goal to lose that last ten pounds, making the decision to get help for your substance use is something you have 100% control over. All you have to do is pick up the phone.

A Timeline for Working the 12 Steps

Participate in a 12-Step Group

No matter what type of addiction you are struggling with, there is a support group for you out there. Attending support groups is a great way to meet other people who are going through the same things as you are. You can help lift each other up and just be real with one another, which will only contribute greatly to the biggest goal of all – your recovery.

Recovery Goals

Tell People About Your Recovery Goals

When non-addicts make the go-to resolutions to be more active or to lose weight, you often hear of having what is called an “accountability buddy.” The whole point of an accountability buddy is that they keep you accountable when your resolve begins to slip and they are also someone who you can talk to about how you feel as you make this epic change to seek drug or alcohol help. Another thing you can do is just tell your family and friends about your plans. Being accountable to anyone else will make it that much harder to slip up and return to old patterns and habits.

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Try to Improve Your Health

We know, we know. We aren’t a big fan of the whole “new year, new me” movement either. You should always strive to be the best version of yourself. However, your physical health suffers so much when you drink or use and it’s important to consider it when you are in recovery. Sobriety is about so much more than just not using, it’s about building a whole new life. When you are active and you take care of yourself, you will feel so much better, which in turn will help you not to turn to self-medication through drugs and alcohol.

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Aim to Try New Things

Boredom is addiction recovery’s enemy number one. When you are bored and uninspired you are more likely to turn to the drugs and/or alcohol that make you feel happy and fulfilled, even if only temporarily. Trying new things, like taking a cooking class or joining a hiking club, will help you find joy in something you really love doing. Not to mention it will allow you to meet a ton of new people and maybe even make some new friends. If you are worried about being social, bring along a fellow person in recovery with you to help ease the social anxiety.

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