Shari Colato

Ms. Colato began at The Discovery House in February of 2017 to help those struggling with addiction find a new and better way of life. She began as a support staff but quickly discovered her aptitude for counseling and crisis intervention and began her journey to become a counselor. Ms. Colato has completed her CCAPP Counselor Certification education as the valedictorian of her 2016 class and has over 6,000 clinical hours of on the job training, as well as her CADC-2. With over 8 years devoted to her own recovery, Ms. Colato now dedicates her time to helping others achieve the same long – term recovery that has transformed her life. Ms. Colato became our Clinical Director in 2020 and states “every person deserves the opportunity to recover from the depths of addiction and achieve greatness, no one with this disease needs to be defined by it, instead we are here to help them find the path that can lead them to their dreams”.

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