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People to Not to be Forgotten When You Reach Sobriety from Your Addiction

People to Not to be Forgotten When You Reach Sobriety from Your Addiction

Overcoming your addiction and reaching sobriety is a huge recovery achievement. However, when you reach your ultimate goal, it’s easy to forget about the people who helped you climb to the mountain top. With national Forget-Me-Not Day being Tuesday, November 10, let’s take a look at some of the people you shouldn’t forget about when you become sober from your addiction.

Rehab Treatment Center staff

So, you’re out of inpatient rehab treatment. You feel great. You’re sober, clean and ready to conquer the world. Well, you should be feeling this way, but you have to remember you didn’t get here alone. Don’t forget about the wonderful staff at the treatment center you were in, including the counselors, program directors, therapists, doctors, operations staff, chefs and many others. It’s cool to be “feeling’” yourself, but don’t forget about everyone at the addiction treatment center who had a hand in your recovery.

Rehab Treatment Facility Friends
Speaking of everyone at the rehab treatment center you were at, don’t forget about the other people in attendance who also were in your shoes. Perhaps, throughout your time there, you made a few new friends and bonded with them. Even if you didn’t, you share something in common with everyone who was there: you all were looking to change your lives and recover from your respective addictions. Now that you’re sober, you shouldn’t forget about those other people who were with you, as they knew what you were going through then and what you’re going through now.

Your sponsor

Your sponsor has been perhaps the most dependable person in your recovery and achievement of sobriety. They’ve been in the foxhole with you, plus they probably know first-hand all of the thoughts that have run through your mind, emotions you’ve felt and other various experiences. They’ve answered a ton of questions and concerns you’ve had, and have been there for you big time. Now that you think you may have the hang of things in your recovery/sobriety, forgetting about your sponsor would be a huge error (and a slap in the face).

Your loved ones

Forgetting about your close friends and family who have supported you through your recovery would be a mistake. As a recovering addict, you must realize that your addiction issues also caused your loved ones a great deal of pain, too. Now you’ve reached sobriety, you have to remember their support, care and love played an integral role in overcoming your addiction.

And finally… Yourself

Yes, don’t forget
about your own self, rather, your “old” self. Don’t forget where you figuratively came from and how far you’ve come in your recovery. Remember your past self and how you were during your addiction, as the thoughts and memories that come to mind should continue to keep you humble now that you’ve reached a sustained state of sobriety. You’ve done something major, and you should applaud yourself. But, it’s important to remember this will be an everyday process for the rest of your life. Remembering your old self will help keep you on the right path to long term recovery!

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