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How Do I Know I Need Alcoholism Rehab?

How Do I Know I Need Alcoholism Rehab?

As people across the country battle alcohol abuse, many of them don’t receive treatment in the way of alcoholism rehab, it is important that each one of us take a look at our lives, our habits, and our alcohol consumption. Every day is an opportunity for us to learn about the dangers of binge drinking and the trends in alcohol abuse that are plaguing our country. As more people are becoming controlled by alcoholism abuse and more families are suffering from this disease, there are many reasons we should all be on the lookout for this illness.

Dangers of Alcohol Dependence

Alcoholism, or alcohol abuse and addiction, is widespread in America. An estimated 18 million adult Americans suffer from alcoholism, which can lead to liver disease, cancer, mental deterioration, and other physical ailments. However, alcoholism affects not only the alcoholic but their entire family as well. Alcoholism in a family leads to neglect, strained relationships, and sometimes abuse. Alcoholism devastates families and ruins lives.

How Do I Know I Need Alcoholism Rehab?

Do You Need Alcoholism Rehab? Take This Test

In order to curb alcoholism in our society, each individual must look at his or her own drinking habits and determine if they are putting themselves in danger of alcoholism. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) has developed a self-quiz that is useful for determining if someone’s drinking has reached a dangerous level.

Below is a sample of the first 10 questions to get you started. If you are concerned that you might be an alcoholic or have a problem with alcohol abuse, help for alcoholics is available. Early intervention is the best way to recover fully from alcohol abuse and addiction. Alcoholism doesn’t have to control your life.

  1. Do you drink heavily when you are disappointed, under pressure or have had a quarrel with someone?
  2. Can you handle more alcohol now than when you first started to drink?
  3. Have you ever been unable to remember part of the previous evening, even though your friends say you didn’t pass out?
  4. When drinking with other people, do you try to have a few extra drinks when others won’t know about it?
  5. Do you sometimes feel uncomfortable if alcohol is not available?
  6. Are you more in a hurry to get your first drink of the day than you used to be?
  7. Do you sometimes feel a little guilty about your drinking?
  8. Has a family member or close friend express concern or complained about your drinking?
  9. Have you been having more memory “blackouts” recently?
  10. Do you often want to continue drinking after your friends say they’ve had enough?

Alcoholism can quickly ruin relationships and take over someone’s life, yet many people refuse to seek rehab at a drug and alcohol treatment center because of fear or the uncertainty of making such a big commitment. Our alcoholism treatment program helps alcoholics get past their fear and uncertainty and takes them through the entire recovery process at our luxury rehab facilities.