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National Addiction Rehab Facility

If addiction rehab is delayed when someone with a drug or alcohol problem is asking for, or is ready to get help, they may change their minds. Getting into a treatment program as soon as possible is important. The Discovery House addiction treatment program, located in warm and sunny California, has helped residents from as far away as Massachusetts, New York, West Virginia, and beyond regain a healthy life of sobriety.

Why come to California from the northeast for addiction rehab

The Discovery House has residents in active recovery back home in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and several other states in the northeast. Now leading drug and alcohol-free lives, they are happy and relieved that they chose our nationally known addiction treatment facility. The Discovery House is also Joint Commission accredited, an honor only 6% of treatment facilities in the United States hold. This means residents are receiving the absolute best in care for their drug and alcohol addictions.

When addicts or alcoholics are ready for treatment, they need it now.

The Discovery House has intake counselors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goal is to be fully available no matter what time call for help is being made from Massachusetts, Connecticut, or anywhere else.

Some local northeast programs don’t offer residential, detox, or other types of addiction rehab programs onsite. This means that residents have to bounce from detox to a residential program, and then to an outpatient addiction treatment facility. We offer all of these right here at The Discovery House.

From insurance concerns and transportation issues, to understanding exactly what to expect upon arriving at The Discovery House, our intake specialists are highly knowledgeable and attentive.

No matter whether you need to get here from metropolitan New York and New Jersey, or rural locations in West Virginia and Connecticut, our case managers are efficient and effective in providing a supportive transition from your home to our beautiful California addiction treatment facility.

Having a complete change of location is effective therapy.

Many residents in addiction rehab at The Discovery House recognize almost immediately that being far from home allows for an emotional and psychological break. This means that they can fully focus on the recovery process. Geographic distance in an addiction treatment program also provides an absolute break from negative social influences and relationships that were triggering or continuing the substance abuse.

Don’t settle for “close enough in quality”, just because it is close enough in location.

Not all addiction treatment programs provide the same type or level of care. Addiction rehab must be designed around the specific needs of the person with the addiction.

The Discovery House has a full complement of therapy modalities, including group and individual counseling, 12 step groups, nutrition support therapy, and creative therapy. Residents also have ample opportunities to enjoy the healthy, natural surroundings of The Discovery House.

Our experienced professional addiction staff coordinates and provides care through several treatment phases.

While there are good addiction treatment programs available in other parts of the nation, including Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, don’t wait and don’t settle for less than exactly what we have immediately available at The Discovery House.

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