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Moms Abusing Prescription Drugs

Moms Abusing Prescription Drugs

There are times in every person’s life when they need help and support from others. One type of person that often struggles in silence with the weight and the demands of everyday life is a mom.

Moms Abusing Prescription Drugs

These individuals are under a lot of pressure to work hard, raise well-rounded kids, and keep a clean house, all while maintaining relationships with friends and family.

A mother’s work is never done, and moms are often met with demands in the middle of the night or early in the morning, leaving them tired and too run down to accomplish everything during the day.

The Rise of Prescription Abuse

Instead of finding healthy ways to manage stress and increase energy, many moms are now abusing prescription drugs to get through the day.

A surprising number of women – many of them moms – are now addicted to prescription painkillers and other drugs that make them feel better or function during the day.

According to the CDC, this trend is quickly turning deadly: more than 6,600 women died in 2010 from a prescription drug overdose.

Slow Down and Focus on what is Important

What is a mom supposed to do, when she is overtired, overworked, and yet is expected to take the kids to soccer practice, help them with homework, and also provide them with a healthy diet, clean clothes, and a variety of experiences?

First of all, moms can stop looking at other moms and comparing themselves to others.

Parenting is a tough job, and moms and dads are good at bragging about the good things they’ve accomplished, yet have a hard time admitting failures or struggles.

More important than a spotless house and yard are kids who are loved and nurtured. Kids don’t need to be in all the activities available if it stresses the family and causes the mom to self-medicate with drugs.

When a woman is feeling especially run down and unable to cope, she should feel comfortable cutting back on activities, or asking friends or family to help until she can get things back together again.

It’s time everyone slows down a little and stops pressuring themselves to be perfect. Moms should put limits on things their kids are involved with, and not be so concerned about what others think.

Most importantly, if a mom is struggling to keep up and beginning to rely on pills to get by, she should seek professional help.