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A prescription drug, Lunesta is another sedative-hypnotic intended for sleeping issues. However, it’s highly addictive and can become dangerous when abused. Often, physicians prescribe Lunesta strictly just for acute insomnia due to its addiction potency, but it cannot be purchased over the counter. Lunesta is the brand name for a non-benzodiazepine called “eszopiclone” and is considered a z-drug, typically coming in pill-form and taken orally or snorted. Sleep easier, sleepers and zombies are common street names for Lunesta.

Effects and Abuse of Lunesta

Designed to help people fall asleep more quickly and remain in a deep sleep longer, Lunesta attaches to brain receptors to reduce one’s brain function, which leads to drowsiness and sedation. Abusers start to crush the pill and snort it through their nose for a more quick and intense high, rather than taking it orally.

Effects of a Lunesta overdose include:

  • Breathing difficulty
  • Extreme drowsiness
  • Headaches
  • Sore throat
  • Unconsciousness

Some mix Lunesta with other drugs, and even with alcohol to increase its effects. This can lead to dizziness and impaired judgment, along with blood pressure issues.

Lunesta Addiction Treatment

If you’re fighting to beat an addiction to Lunesta, help is available at The Discovery House. Our addiction treatment programs can be tailored and personalized for anyone’s circumstances and concerns. We have the best drug and alcohol centers in the country, as our long term treatment centers for addiction include luxury rehab facilities.
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