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Linking Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

Linking Nutrition and Addiction Recovery

An overlooked part of the addiction recovery process is an addict’s nutrition and physical health. Both drug and alcohol abuse can additionally affect a person’s well-being by creating negative and unhealthy eating habits, as well as directly harming the body. Having a solid nutrition plan will undoubtedly help provide a positive impact on anyone who is going through addiction recovery to reach sobriety.

How Drugs and Alcohol Harm Your Body

Not only do drugs and alcohol affect you psychologically, they also fiercely harm your physical body. Sure, certain substances affect a person’s body and health more than others, but all addictions have fairly comparable lasting impacts. Addiction brings about physical health issues which arise from a lack of proteins, nutrients, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and minerals. Chances of a stroke and heart attack increase, vital organs become damaged and there’s also an increase to the odds of one getting cancer.

Tying Addiction Recovery and Nutrition Together

Addiction RecoveryIt’s wise for anyone going through addiction recovery to formulate an overall plan for how they will get through this process and reach their recovery goals. In that plan, a strategy for helping their addiction recovery through nutrition should be designed to achieve better physical health, which only will aid mental health recovery. Becoming healthier through consuming more nutritious foods will give an individual going through addiction recovery the needed harmony between vitamins and nutrients required by their body. It is this harmony what gives great physical support to a person going through addiction recovery, as it improves their physical health and significantly reduces craving temptations for drugs and alcohol due to a person having less health deficiencies.

Improving one’s health while going through addiction recovery has other residual benefits. Among them is that it allows a person to pay keen attention to exactly what factors led them to frequently abuse drugs and alcohol.

Nutritional Healing with Addiction Recovery

The human body needs many things to function properly, which can all be obtained through proper nutrition and diets. Eating the right foods gives a healing addict one of the necessary components of successful recovery. Taking a smart approach and including nutritional therapy into an addiction recovery plan is sure to aid physical and psychological health, thus aiding someone recovering from an addiction. The person will feel better about themselves due to being healthier, and tempting cravings will be reduced to allow them to truly focus achieving their recovery objectives.

A great nutrition plan is only one part of a personalized addiction recovery and treatment program at The Discovery House. If you or your loved one need help with an addiction, call today at 888-962-8208