Join Us On Instagram for Our #12DaysofRecovery Challenge - The Discovery House Los Angeles CA
Join Us On Instagram for Our #12DaysofRecovery Challenge

Join Us On Instagram for Our #12DaysofRecovery Challenge

Whether you are currently struggling with addiction or if you’ve recently overcome it, the holidays can be a difficult time. They can be just as filled with dread as they are with joy.

That’s why for the traditional 12 Days of Christmas, our team created the #12DaysofRecovery, an Instagram photo challenge that will encourage and inspire people who are in recovery as well as people who are still struggling with the disease of addiction.

Why are we doing this?

We are doing this because we know that when someone is in the throes of addiction life can be lonely not just during the holidays but all year round. We wanted The Discovery House to be that friendly voice that says you can do this and we are here for you. Adversely, when someone is in recovery, the holidays can bring up a lot of bad memories or feelings of loss or sadness. This challenge was created to send the message that even though you’ve had it rough in the past, there is no time like the present to create new memories and cherish “the now.”


The challenge will begin on Monday, December 12th. Each day has been assigned a theme, as follows:

1. Monday December 12th: Courage
2. Tuesday December 13th: Happiness
3. Wednesday December 14th: Self-love
4. Thursday December 15th: Strength
5. Friday December 16th: Goals
6. Saturday December 17th: Community
7. Sunday December 18th: Hope
8. Monday December 19th: Beautiful
9. Tuesday December 20th: Light
10. Wednesday December 21st: Progress
11. Thursday December 22nd: Commitment
12. Friday December 23rd: Gratitude

We hope you will join us in spreading messages of love and recovery for the holiday season. Follow along on our Instagram (@thediscoveryhouse) to see our daily posts. 

If you are in recovery- tell others about it. Do you love it? What have you struggled with? What have you learned?

Are you still struggling with addiction or do you have a loved one that is? Share your photos and tell us your stories.

We can’t wait to hear from you.