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How Can I Stop My Alcohol Abuse?

How Can I Stop My Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol abuse can so quickly take over our lives, and many people are surprised when they take a step back and evaluate their life because they find that they can’t stop drinking. If someone is physically dependent on alcohol, they will suffer severe addiction withdrawal symptoms if they attempt to quit. These symptoms can be serious, and at times, life-threatening. So, what are the best ways to stop drinking and how should you navigate this lofty goal?

Start With Alcoholism Detox

While many people attempt to quit drinking cold turkey and do it successfully, this route isn’t for everyone. For most people who are recovering from alcohol abuse,  it is important to be medically supervised while going through detox. It is important for someone with an alcohol addiction to get professional help to detox safely. Residential treatment at alcohol detox facilities that are equipped with medical staff is the safest way to detox from alcohol. In addition, it is usually also necessary for the individual to go through behavioral modification therapy, addiction counseling, or another alcohol addiction programs in order to retrain their brain to function without alcohol.

How Can I Stop My Alcohol Abuse?

Seek Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

The first step after detox in recovering from alcoholism is inpatient alcohol treatment. Recovering from alcoholism is a difficult process, but individuals can be successful when they have the help of a drug alcohol treatment center. The Discovery House’s inpatient alcohol addiction treatment programs allow individuals to work through all the issues that are contributing to their alcoholism in a comfortable, safe setting.

Get Addiction Support from Alcoholics Anonymous

Most recovering alcoholics find that they have to work hard to keep from drinking, even after treatment and therapy. A support group such as AA can be instrumental in keeping a recovering alcoholic sober. Members of a support group encourage each other, hold each other on the right track to sobriety, and can be a source of strength when temptations arise.

How Can I Stop My Alcohol Abuse?

Support groups can help prevent a relapse because they keep the individuals in active recovery. Most support groups or alumni groups – much like the one we offer here at The Discovery House – provide you with relapse prevention tips and tools that are formulated to help you to deal with the turbulence that can be synonymous with addiction recovery. It is less likely that a recovering alcoholic will let their guard down and relax if they are involved with an addiction support group. Of course, relapse can happen to anyone, and when it does, it is important to get back into treatment and work toward sobriety again right away.

Prevent Alcoholism Before It Starts

The most effective way to stop problem drinking is never to start in the first place. Alcoholism is very difficult to overcome, and addiction recovery is often a life-long commitment.

Don’t let alcohol take over your life. If you are in the habit of abusing alcohol, take some time off from this substance – see if you can stop drinking for one month. If not, you may want to consult a professional so that you can take back control of your life before you are addicted to alcohol.