Female Marine Breaks her Silence on PTSD Struggle | The Discovery House
Female Marine Breaks her Silence on PTSD Struggle

Female Marine Breaks her Silence on PTSD Struggle

An alumnus of The Discovery House was recently interviewed for an article on Healthline, a health and wellness website. Kara Moreland spent time as a Marine in Iraq, where she witnessed the devastating effects of war firsthand. When Moreland returned home, she began experiencing symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and got involved with alcohol abuse because of it.

Moreland told Healthline about her struggle to get sober and how PTSD made that difficult for a time. The Discovery House was able to help Moreland by treating both the addiction and the mental disorder at the same time. Dr. Walter Thomas, medical director of The Discovery House, was also interviewed by Healthline. He explained, “If you don’t treat or diagnose the condition and treat the two together, that creates a tremendous cascade of issues. It becomes a cascade of negativity and hopelessness.”

Because she got the right kind of help, Moreland is sober today and looking ahead to a bright future. She told Healthline she wants to create her own center like The Discovery House, in order to provide hope to others going through similar struggles.

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