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Drunk Driving Statistics Improve

Drunk Driving Statistics Improve

Reported incidents of drunk driving have decreased 65% from 1982 to 2011; as re-counted by the Century Council (Distillers fighting drunk driving and underage drinking).  Reported drunken driving statistics continue to be positive as the rates of fatalities from auto accidents plummeted by almost 50% since 1991.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported these US figures:

  • 32,367 people died in DUI/DWI related auto accidents in 2011
  • 9,878 of these people were involved in accidents where the driver tested with an alcohol level of .08 or higher
  • 6,507 of the people that died in these accidents were drunk drivers
  • 2,661 of the people killed were passengers in a car driven by a drunk driver
  • 710 were innocent victims, outside the vehicle
  • One person dies in an accident involving drunk driving every 53 minutes.

While drunk driving statistics continue to improve, that’s still 32,367 people too many dying in alcohol related car crashes, and 53 minutes too often.

Tips to Avoid Drunk Driving

Drunk driving, as proven by the statistics, is dangerous and a risk not worth taking. All 32,000+ of the people that died in auto accidents involving drunk drivers were someone’s mom, dad, daughter, son, sister, brother, or friend. They were not just a number; they were human beings that someone loved.

Don’t become a statistic or let your friends become a statistic; avoid the consequences of drunk driving by:

  1. Taking turns being the designated driver
  2. When drinking too much while out on the town, call a cab
  3. Don’t get in the car if the driver is drunk
  4. Don’t be afraid to take someone’s keys when they are the driver and they get drunk
  5. When having a party, appoint a key captain. Take everyone’s keys as they walk in and be sure they are not staggering when they get their keys as they walk out

Guidance If Faced with a DUI

The California penal code provides the courts with alternatives to jail time for DUI’s or DWI’s through the DUI treatment, or sober living option. If faced with a DUI, contact us to help you navigate the process and seek DUI treatment as an alternative to time spent in jail.

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