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Are There Detox Centers in California near Me? A Guide to Finding Your Fit

Are There Detox Centers in California near Me? A Guide to Finding Your Fit

By the year 2017, nearly 19.7 million American adults were battling with substance abuse disorder. Many of those adults had to face a traumatic series of events that left them wondering “where are there detox centers near me that can help?”.

The important thing here is that being able to look for help is one of the most important steps to take. If you can accept the fact that you are struggling with addiction and that you’re ready to detox, then you can start to find the help that can make recovery possible.

If you’re looking to begin your journey to recovery read on for more information on making this important choice and finding detox centers near you.

Knowing if You’re Really an Addict

Before looking for local detox centers you might want to identify that you are in fact struggling with addiction. Substance abuse falls under a large spectrum, and it may be difficult to identify some of the key symptoms.

Some common symptoms typically associated with substance abuse may include

  • Red or glazed over eyes
  • paranoia or anger
  • a sharp change in personality and priorities
  • track marks along arms, legs, and feet
  • a sudden increase in energy or decrease in energy
  • A sudden increase or decrease in weight
  • not wanting to socialize with friends or family members
  • a decrease in job or school performance
  • a decline in your financial health due to money being spent on drugs or alcohol

If you find that you experience one or more of the symptoms above there’s a strong chance that you’re currently struggling with addiction. From here it’s your choice to decide whether or not you’re going to make the decision to change your life for the better.

What to Expect from Your Recovery Process

Depending on the intensity of your addiction, there may be certain symptoms that come while attempting to detox from drugs and alcohol.

Some addicts find that they experience strong symptoms that come as a result of withdrawal such as nausea, hallucinations, sleep disorders, and depression.

It is important to note that each individual will experience the detox process differently. In order to judge what you will expect you need to be honest with yourself on just how often you’re engaging in your drug of choice and how long this behavior has gone on for.

Helping Loved Ones Check into Detox Centers

If you have a loved one that is currently struggling with addiction and you want to encourage them to check into a detox center, it’s important to note this decision is initially not yours to take.

While you want the best for your friends and family, pushing an individual too strongly can actually result in a backlash that can send them spiraling further down a path of addiction.

Instead of forcing their hand, try to bring their attention to the person that they were prior to their addiction. Show them how their relationships and the various areas of their life that they once valued have only declined since their addiction began.

From there you can only offer your support in helping them find the help that they need and the assurance that you will continue to love and care for them during this difficult.

While it’s important to be supportive of those struggling with addiction, it’s a thin line between support and enabling. Do not attempt to heal the consequences that come as a result of actions that were made while the individual was under the influence.

You also want to refrain from lending money to or helping the individual obtain their drug of choice.

While it may seem difficult to give a firm no, the clearer you can be on your expectations of your relationship, the easier it will be for them to think clearly about the situation.

Finding Detox Centers Near Me

When it’s time to look into local detox centers, it’s important to find a detox facility that specializes in your specific addiction. Each drug causes its own unique reaction, symptoms, and behaviors.

Once you have found the right treatment center, the specialist will be able to suggest a treatment method for your unique situation.

New treatment methods may include counseling or Psychotherapy as an effort to recognize and reduce the triggers that result in addictive behavior.

Many addicts choose to check into detox centers that are far enough from their current location that they won’t be tempted to leave in order to obtain their usual high. While recovery is never easy, the right detox facility can help you create a plan that can increase your chances of success.

You’ll also find a support group in your detox facility that will create relationships that can last a lifetime.

Looking Into Detox Facilities

Once you found a detox facility that you believe is a good fit make sure you ask some of the following questions.

  • How many cases do you treat for those who are addicted to the same substance that I am?
  • What is your primary mode of treatment?
  • What is your success rate among addicts that are addicted to the same substance that I am?
  • How long does the average stay in a detox center before an individual can reach a state of recovery?

The answers will help you determine how good of a fit the center is with your unique situation.

Finding the Help You Need When You Need It

If you or someone you love are asking themselves “where are there detox centers near me?” there’s a strong chance that it means you’re ready to take that first step.

If you’re still unsure as to what a detox center may have in store for you, contact us today for more information on how we can help you begin your journey towards a healthier mental and physical state.