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A Look At The Many Benefits of Sobriety

A Look At The Many Benefits of Sobriety

People often make it seem like drinking or using substances is the only way to have fun. If you’ve been drinking alcohol heavily or regularly, you may worry that your life will be boring or unsatisfying if you never drink again. At the same time, you may be concerned about the problems drinking is causing in your life. The truth is that there are many benefits of sobriety and individuals who stop drinking or using drugs typically don’t regret it.

There’s a lot of shame and guilt in drinking but sobriety, though challenging, leads to a new lease on life. In this article, we’ll look at some of the key reasons to seek sobriety.

You’ll Look and Feel Healthier

Let’s start with some physical examples of sober benefits. Substance abuse wreaks havoc on the body. In the short term, you’ll have to deal with hangovers, withdrawal symptoms, dehydration, and poor nutrition. Chronic abuse leads to even more issues.

For example, people who abuse opiates often become malnourished and lose lots of weight. Meanwhile, individuals who abuse alcohol may have anemia or liver disease. People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol also tend to develop mental disorders such as anxiety and depression and these can impact their physical wellbeing.

When you stop using drugs or alcohol, you’ll notice a profound difference in the way your body and mind feel. You’ll have more energy and be more motivated to exercise, eat well, and generally take care of yourself.

You’ll Sleep Better

Disrupted sleep is common among people who abuse substances. You may still find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep in the early stages of sobriety. However, as time passes,  you’ll fall asleep more easily, sleep through the night, and feel well-rested when you wake up.

Sleeping soundly gives your body a chance to heal from the damage caused by drug or alcohol abuse. This is one of the ways how being sober helps your mental health and physical health.

You’ll Look Better Sober

One of the benefits of sobriety is that your appearance will improve. Substance abuse changes the way you look. You may have acne, sunken cheeks, or sores on your skin, depending on the substance you used and the severity of your addiction. When the drugs leave your body and you start to live a healthier life, your complexion will improve, sores will heal, and you’ll put on some weight.

You’ll Experience Spiritual Growth

Many people go through the process of embracing spirituality in sobriety. Spiritual growth refers to when you remove those thoughts and actions that are negative or no longer serving you. Some individuals find that practicing meditation and other mindfulness techniques helps to relax the mind and reduce anxiety and stress.

You’ll Save A Lot of Money

There are also financial reasons to quit drinking or using drugs. Drugs and alcohol cost money. Even if you didn’t spend a lot of money in the beginning, as tolerance develops, you need to increase your dosage continually to get the effects you want. All that money adds up. Also, when you’re fighting an addiction, you’ll be less likely to focus on earning, saving, or investing cash. Most (or all) of your money will go towards the addictive substance you use.

However, when you’re sober, you’ll have more money. Not only will you be more motivated to earn a living but you’ll be more likely to save or invest the funds you make. Paying rent, buying groceries, and participating in leisure activities become more feasible.

You’ll Build Stronger Relationships

Substance abuse damages relationships with family and friends. You may have neglected your loved ones in favor of drugs or they may have distanced themselves from you because of your behavior. When you’re no longer dependent on drugs or alcohol, you’ll realize the family benefits of sobriety. If you’re still trying to find the motivation to be sober, the possibility of healthier relationships in sobriety may be just the thing to drive you.

When you begin living a more positive life, the more likely it is that you will be able to repair your broken relationships. You’ll be able to approach your interactions with a clear head and acquire new tools for building connections. If you have kids, setting a positive parenting example also becomes more realistic.

You’ll Make New Sober Friends

Even if you’re not able to rebuild every bond, you’ll be equipped to meet and engage new people. It is important for people in recovery to have sober peers. You’ll meet new people in residential treatment and/or outpatient therapy and some of them may become long-term friends. You’re also likely to make new friends when you pick up new hobbies and activities to fill your time. Your new friends will hold you accountable, offer advice, and remind you that it is possible to enjoy life while remaining sober.

You’ll Enjoy New Adventures

When you’re hooked on drugs or alcohol, nothing else matters. You miss out on exploring the world, learning new skills, playing sports, and engaging in other fun activities. When you’re sober, you’ll have a greater zest for life and you’ll be able to do all those things you missed out on before. With sobriety, you can do the things you’ve always wanted to.

You’ll Experience All Life Has to Offer

When you regain sobriety, you’ll be able to build a more meaningful life. You’ll have the physical and mental capacity to enjoy your experiences and remember them the next day. Living up to your true potential becomes a real possibility. You probably already know how drugs and alcohol can prevent you from living your best life.

Even though substances may dull your emotions or help you navigate social situations in the short term, they prevent you from finding true happiness in the long run.

Addiction usually has effects that are the complete opposite of what a person hoped to achieve by using drugs or alcohol. If you had a good time while you were intoxicated or high, you probably didn’t remember it the next day. Living soberly allows you to experience everything that life has to offer and create lasting memories with relatives and friends.

Need Help in Achieving Sobriety? Contact The Discovery House!

Maybe you’re thinking about making new years resolutions and getting sober is at the top of the list. It’s never too late to begin the process of recovery. We’ve covered only a few of the benefits of sobriety. Each person will have their own experience in their own time.

You may notice some of the benefits immediately and others will emerge as time goes on. What’s for certain is that you will never regret saying goodbye to drugs or alcohol. Rather, you’ll learn how to cope with stressors and challenges and find new ways to relax and have a good time.

If you’d like to reap the benefits of sobriety but you’re unsure about how to stop using drugs or alcohol, the experts at the Discovery House can help. We’re located in Reseda, California and we offer a wide range of inpatient and outpatient treatment programs that are customized to each person’s needs. Whether you’re addicted to alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit substances, we’re here to serve you. We offer medically supervised detox services and treatment of co-occurring disorders for individuals who need it. To learn more about what we have to offer and verify your insurance coverage, call us today!  We’ll help you to understand treatment as a path to lasting sobriety.