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7 Daytime Date Ideas for After Alcoholism Rehab

7 Daytime Date Ideas for After Alcoholism Rehab

The day of love is almost here, and if you’re looking to take that special someone out for a day on the town, it can be a little difficult if either of you are fresh out of alcoholism rehab and trying to stay sober. While daytime dates can make staying sober a little easier, who you choose to go on a date with is also important. You don’t want to pressure, or be pressured by anyone. So, here are a few daytime date ideas that will get you through the adventure of dating without potentially compromising your sobriety.

7 Daytime Date Ideas for After Alcoholism Rehab

 Sober Daytime Date Ideas 1

 The Zoo

The local zoo is a great place to take someone out on a sober date.  First of all, who doesn’t like learning about animals from around the world and second, most zoos don’t serve alcohol.  Mixing drunk guests and chimpanzees doesn’t end well for anyone.  A trip to the zoo can be fun, and romantic plus zoos are usually relatively cheap, and can offer a full day sober experience. Plus, if seeing cute baby animals doesn’t give you all the feels, we don’t know what will.

A Good Hike

For those who love to enjoy nature, and the world around them, hiking can be a great daytime date activity.  Hiking offers a great way to spend quality time with your special person, and allows for unlimited enjoyment without alcohol, or drugs.  Hiking can also be combined with a picnic, just make sure to bring water!

A Window Shopping Walk

This one is usually better suited for a couple that has been together for a little longer.  If you have some extra time, go shopping together.  Go to a mall, relax, and walk around while enjoying each other’s company.  This offers a great opportunity to be with each other, without any pressure to break sobriety.  It also gives you insight to what your date may like as a gift.

Sober Daytime Date Ideas 2

A Picnic in the Park

A daytime picnic is an easy to achieve, romantic and sober date idea.  Simply make some food, or even buy something and put it in a basket, and whisk your special someone off to a park or a beach.  No alcohol or drugs required to have fun, all you need is your better half’s company.  Picnics are also a great, and simple surprise.  They can be achieved easily and quickly, perhaps even picking up your date from work during their lunch time.


Mini-golf is an easy, fun and cheap date that is great for sobriety.  It’s an excellent way to spend an hour or two with your date.  Mini-golf can be both fun, and competitive, depending on your relationship.  Either way, it’s an easy, relaxing date with that special someone.

Theme Park

This one can be a little pricey with theme park tickets approaching $100 in some parks per person.  But with that being said, a theme park date is an excellent way to step away from work for a day, and relax with your date.  Many theme parks do serve alcohol, but alcohol is never needed in a theme park to enjoy yourself.  There are so many activities to do, you’ll have your mind off of alcohol, and onto your date and the wonderful themed lands around you.

Sober Daytime Date Ideas 3

Cooking Class

Who doesn’t like food? Enroll yourself, and your date in a cooking class, the results can be fun, romantic, and educational.  It’s an activity that will help you and your date to bond. Plus, you get to eat while you do it.  How can you say no to this one?

What are some of your favorite daytime date ideas for sobriety? We are always looking for cool ways to have fun in sobriety so please share with us in the comments below or via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. In our next blog, we’ll go over some great nighttime sober date ideas, so stay tuned!

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