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How to See a Relapse From a Mile Away (And How to Prevent It)

How to See a Relapse From a Mile Away (And How to Prevent It)

When you are fresh out of rehab, you might feel so good that you are ready to take on anything the universe has planned for your new sober life but this is the time that you need to be on high alert for signs of a relapse. The danger of relapse is very real and though it is most common for it to happen in the first few months of recovery, it is important to recognize the signs that can arise at any time and also to bear in mind that it is preventable. These signs can help you spot a potential relapse before it’s too late.

How to See a Relapse From a Mile Away (And How to Prevent It)

Signs of a Potential Relapse

Avoiding Support From Family and Friends

A person who is about to relapse will avoid family and those who have hoped for their sobriety for so long. This is usually because of shame, embarrassment, and also because they may think that you are better off without them around.

Reconnecting with Old Friends

Another warning sign of relapse is if the person goes back to spending time with their drug-abusing friends and acquaintances. These are people who they will feel understand them and their addiction to alcohol or drugs a lot better than you or other loved one’s would. They want to be around people who, in their minds, don’t judge them for what they feel they need to do.

How to See a Relapse From a Mile Away (And How to Prevent It)

Quitting Meetings

A person about to relapse will also quit going to support group meetings and therapy sessions, all in an effort to hide what they are really thinking about doing.

Daydreaming About Drugs or Alcohol

Like a bad romantic relationship, it can be so easy for those that are recovering from alcohol abuse or drug abuse to only remember the good times during their addiction. The parties and the fun were good but at some point it stops being fun.

Believing You Can Use With No Problems

Often times when you are recovering from alcohol abuse or drug abuse, you may feel the urge to use recreationally. Those who are strong in their recovery, know that “just one drink” or “just one time” isn’t the way it works. As an addict, you are bound to return again and again until you are right back where you started.

If you suspect that you are heading down a path of drug or alcohol abuse again, you should try and get help right away. If you have relapsed and you are wondering what to do next, reach out by calling The Discovery House today at 1 (855) 203-7930.

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