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10 Signs You Need Heroin Treatment and How to Find Help Near You

10 Signs You Need Heroin Treatment and How to Find Help Near You

Heroin is one of the most powerful drugs available because it is so addictive. That’s why it’s important to look for the warning signs of heroin use. The earlier you can detect heroin usage, you can help your loved one get heroin treatment.

Heroin has become more accessible in cost and availability. That’s a big reason why heroin use among 18-25-year-olds doubled over the last 10 years. The CDC calls heroin usage and addiction an epidemic.

How can you tell if someone close to you is using heroin and may need heroin treatment? Keep reading to learn 10 common signs of heroin use and how you can find treatment in your area.

1. Changes in Mood

People on heroin will experience sudden mood changes, especially if they’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms. They can become hostile or depressed until they get their next hit of heroin.

2. Drowsy

Have you noticed that you or your loved one seems more tired than normal? There can be many reasons for that. If you notice that they fall asleep more often and at random times, that could be a sign of heroin addiction.

3. Financial Issues

A drug habit can be expensive. An addict could easily spend $1000 a month or more on heroin. If you notice someone getting into financial trouble, such as maxing out credit cards or asking for money, it could be a drug issue.

That could lead to legal issues if the person runs out of borrowing options and has to steal to get money for drugs.

4. Lack of Motivation

One common sign of heroin use is a lack of motivation. There could be other factors at play if someone is suddenly not motivated. However, if someone exhibits lack of motivation along with other common signs, you need to pay attention.

5. Physical Signs of Heroin Use

Right after someone uses heroin, there are noticeable physiological changes that occur in the body.

Such changes include pinpoint or constricted pupils, shortness of breath, dry mouth, and they may seem out of it. They may alternate between being hyper alert and suddenly sleepy. They’ll also seem lethargic like they can’t move their arms or legs.

6. Weight Changes

Heroin usage can impact the body in many ways. One such way is in a change of appetite. Heroin causes people to experience either an increase or decrease in appetite. That can result in a sudden decrease or increase in weight.

7. Change in Appearance

Someone who is showing signs of heroin addiction won’t care that much about their appearance. If you notice that someone with a meticulous look suddenly looks like they stopped taking care of themselves, it could be a sign of a heron issue.

8. Isolating Behaviors

Someone with an addiction doesn’t want others to know about it. They may be ashamed, feel guilty, or they just don’t want to hear about it from others.

They’ll avoid situations where these feelings can come up. That avoidance will lead to social isolation.

9. Possess Paraphernalia

Heroin isn’t like other drugs that come in the form of a pill or something that you can smoke. It takes equipment to use heroin.

Things like needles, spoons and aluminum foil with burn marks, and a device like a rubber tie or shoelaces can all be used to prepare heroin.

10. Dressing in Long Shirts or Pants

One of the most obvious signs of heroin usage is visible needle marks, or track marks. Heroin addicts will inject in their arms, in their legs, and after a while, in their feet to hide the track marks.

To cover up track marks on their arms and legs, they’ll often wear clothing to cover themselves completely. You might not think about that during cool weather. A person wearing long sleeves and long pants on a warm California day should cause you to be suspicious of heroin use.  

How to Get Heroin Treatment Near You

If the signs of heroin addiction seem too familiar, there’s a good chance your loved one needs to seek heroin treatment.

Here’s how you can get heroin treatment near you.

The first thing to note is that heroin addiction is powerful. An intervention or trying to solve the problem on your own won’t help in the long term. They need professional help from a treatment center.

You’ll want to find a treatment center that offers a broad range of treatment programs. With addictions, there are usually underlying causes that lead to them. You want to make sure that the center you work with has the ability to make sure those issues are addressed in treatment.

You’ll want to look for facilities that have been around for a long time and have an extended track record of success. As with anything, there are no guarantees, but a treatment center that shows a history of success is worth it.

When you find a treatment program for you or your loved one, check with your insurance provider to see what’ they can cover.

There are common fears that come up during recovery and you want to be sure that those fears are addressed. 

You Don’t Have to Kick Heroin Addiction Alone

Heroin addiction is so powerful, that it can destroy lives. Not just the lives of those living with addiction, but those close to them. Family, friends, colleagues, and community members all want to see you or your loved one get help.

When you recognize the warning signs of heroin use and addiction, seek heroin treatment immediately. You’ll need the help of a professional treatment center.

At The Discovery House, we recognize that not everyone will respond to treatment the same way. That’s why we offer a wide range of programs to meet the needs of the individual.

For more information about our programs, contact us today.