Living the Twelve Steps

Narcotics Anonymous 12 Steps to a New Life

The Discovery House believes that the 12 Steps of Narcotics Anonymous program is an effective tool in ensuring long-term recovery success.  

Similar to Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step program, Narcotics Anonymous includes attending regular meetings to obtain on-going support during long-term recovery to a life free of substance abuse.

12-step programs have realized great success in avoiding relapse by providing a safe place for recovering substance abusers to find the support they need, and share their experiences of addiction and recovery to help others.

Anonymity is encouraged to ensure the privacy of all those attending the meetings. New members are urged to listen to others during the first couple of meetings and look for an experienced member they can relate to as a possible sponsor, make new non-addicted friends, and offer support to others when appropriate.

12 Steps to a Life of Freedom

These 12 steps will significantly aide in the success of long-term recovery: 

Narcotics Anonymous 12 Steps to a New Life

About the Reviewer: Chris Barnes

Chris BarnesChristopher Barnes has worked in health care for over thirty years. He is a graduate of Alabama State University where he earned a double Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work and Psychology in 1982. Christopher Barnes is currently the Director of Clinical services at The Discovery House where he has been employed for the past five years. Because of his extensive experience in health care & substance abuse he has an excellent rapport with constituents, clients, and other professional organizations in the counseling/social service community.

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