Oprah Winfrey Docu-Series: Lindsay

Oprah Winfrey docu-series: Lindsay

Despite the media constantly latching onto Lindsay Lohan’s drug addiction problems, the star signed up to appear in an Oprah Winfrey docu-series, appropriately called: Lindsay.

Determined to prove she’s on the right track after her sixth trip to rehab, early reports suggest it was frustrating and challenging to make a documentary about Lohan as she tries to stay sober. Interviews and clips show Oprah coming down hard on the 27 year old actress:

Winfrey says at one point as she’s briefed on the troubled star’s erratic behavior:  

“This is exactly what everybody said was going to happen, and I believed differently.” 

Many of Lindsay’s supporters applaud her honesty, that there’s nothing wrong with failing, trying again, failing and trying again. In the newest interview prelude to the subsequent docu- series, Lohan seems earnest, sober and honest saying she feels differently, that she doesn’t need to look to substances for the solution. For the first time admitting longtime addiction to Adderall for treatment of ADD, she says she is completely free of drugs and alcohol.  

Lindsay Lohan’s addiction problems started to become media controversy when her actions brought her to court numerous times beginning in 2007. She has been arrested twice for DUI and possession, violated parole several times, arrested again for theft, and court ordered to rehab three of the six times she’s attended.

While in the interview with Oprah the star admitted she had used cocaine 10 or 15 times, recent messages from acquaintances in New York report seeing her abusing cocaine 20 times in one week.

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Lindsay Lohan’s potential is clearly off the charts despite her addiction problems.

Having established herself as a triple threat with acting, music and dancing, she had been at the start of showcasing her singing through her film work before much of her trouble began, and has since been labeled as too high risk to find good work since. With the help of Oprah and the release of this new series, it would be nice to see Lindsay put her sobriety first and find a better solution than she has in the past.   

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Chris BarnesChristopher Barnes has worked in health care for over thirty years. He is a graduate of Alabama State University where he earned a double Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work and Psychology in 1982. Christopher Barnes is currently the Director of Clinical services at The Discovery House where he has been employed for the past five years. Because of his extensive experience in health care & substance abuse he has an excellent rapport with constituents, clients, and other professional organizations in the counseling/social service community.

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