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Addiction Expert Weighs in on Johnny Manziel’s Journey from Football to Rehab

NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel has admitted himself into drug rehab, and football fans and the media are all talking about it. A recent article in the Daily Candid News asked The Discovery House’s own addiction expert, Dr. Walter Thomas, to weigh in on the issue.

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Daily Candid News reported that Manziel, a Heisman trophy winner who played last season for the Browns, checked himself into rehab last week in an effort to improve his life off the field. His advisor told ESPN that Manziel is working to become a “better family member, friend, and teammate,” and will be working during the off season to achieve those goals.

The Discovery House’s Dr. Walter Thomas was asked by Daily Candid News to weigh in on athletes like Manziel in recovery. “Athletic patients have to accept they have a brain disease which means they have to dismantle their addictive ego by giving up their civil liberties in order to save their lives.” According to Dr. Thomas, Manziel has taken that important first step toward letting go of his addiction by entering rehab.

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