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During residential drug treatment, clients will be learning how to develop coping skills that will allow them to live a balanced substance-free life. Our residential treatment program is designed to help individuals address the underlying issues of their addiction. One of the most important aspects of completing a treatment program is to learn how to maintain sobriety and how to be accountable to yourself and others.

Do I Need Residential Addiction Treatment?

The Discovery House’s residential treatment program provides a highly structured, monitored environment in a home-like setting that offers clients serenity as they begin their long-​term recovery. Residential treatment helps ensure that clients do not have access to drugs or alcohol while in the program and that they can receive full-time support during their recovery.

How Long Is The Residential Treatment Program?

The minimum duration of our residential program is 30 days. However, many of our clients continue on to additional levels of care which allow them to further benefit from our addiction programs.

Our Treatment Team

Our knowledgeable staff are experts in long-​term recovery and work to encourage and motivate our clients on a daily basis. Most of our clients develop a strong bond of trust with our staff during residential treatment. We work with individuals to design their treatment plan around their needs, choices, and concerns.