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The Discovery House Blog

Discovery House’s $5,000 Gift Benefits School Technology Program


In our ongoing partnership with Reseda’s Bertrand Elementary School, The Discovery House has given $5,000 to assist in technology upgrades on campus. This is the third in a series of contributions made to the school in an effort to support students in their ability to understand and grow in a global society. The previous contributions helped to provide computers and to develop a literacy program. “We know that these students, even as young as they are, will be communicating and working in a world that we cannot even comprehend because of the rapid advances in technology,” said Tom Whiting, co-founder and executive director of The Discovery House. “We are happy to do our part in assisting them in their learning process.” The Discovery House is committed to the concept of service not only in the community at large, but also in the recovery community. By taking leadership in the business… Read More

Comedy Night at The Discovery House


The Discovery House residential clients and staff were recently entertained at Comedy Night, held on September 21, 2014 at the Discovery Transitions Meeting Hall. The event featured comedian Mark Lundholm, and provided an enjoyable night of laughter and fun. Laughter has been called the best medicine, and research has shown this to be true. Laughter improves the body’s oxygen intake and it increases the endorphins that are released into the brain. This results in improved mood and stress reduction, and can even boost the immune system and help relieve pain. As the staff and clients of The Discovery House witnessed during Comedy Night, a night of relaxation and laughter can aid in the recovery process. Laughter helps take one’s mind off of the sometimes overwhelming task of recovery, and it helps individuals focus on things other than their own troubles. Those that participated in Comedy Night at The Discovery House… Read More

5 Recovery Tools to Put in Your School Backpack This Semester


Starting recovery at a young age can be intimidating and difficult in itself. Add to that the excitement and insecurity of starting college for the first time, or returning to a familiar college party scene, threats to sobriety increase. For people in their late teens and early 20’s to admit and accept that they have a substance abuse problem is a courageous step, particularly given the fact that peer pressure to drink and use runs high. Young students need extra encouragement and support to maintain sobriety as they head back to school. Make Sobriety Top Priority All recovering alcoholics and addicts, no matter what age, need to put sobriety first. For young people, making sobriety a priority takes a concerted effort. It needs to come before social life, before relationships, before sports and even before homework because none of those things are accomplished well if one is abusing drugs or… Read More

The Problem Isn’t the Problem, Your Serenity is the Problem

The-Problem-Isnt-the-Problem-Your-Serenity-is-the-Problem 2

Over and over again I’ve seen people new in recovery who, when facing a challenging circumstance, will want to attack the problem or else run away from it. Then, if they are open to some gentle coaching, they will find that the problem took care of itself. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard a newcomer say, “Wow, that worked out better than I expected.” Now, that doesn’t mean that a willingness to follow direction guarantees the desired outcome, but it does mean that a shift in attitude can have a tremendous effect on our inner lives as well as on our outer circumstances. There are a number of ways we can respond to a situation, and when we’re in early recovery, we usually have a habit of reacting in frustration if things aren’t going our way. Often we’re faced with circumstances that we interpret as problems,… Read More

Life Isn’t About Waiting for the Storm to Pass, It’s About Learning to Dance In the Rain


My friend Al talks about how he used to go to the beach and if it was overcast and chilly his immediate reaction would be disappointment and anger: “Dammit—my only day off and the beach sucks!” As he grew in recovery he learned to accept that life wouldn’t always go according to his script, and he could shrug his shoulders and make the best of a cloudy day at by the sea. After some years of meditation and spiritual growth, he found himself standing in the sand at the water’s edge, the wind howling and storm clouds overhead, thinking what a terrific day at the beach! What’s the variable in the story? A better question is: What could Al do about the weather? And the answer, of course, is nothing. Except to intentionally change his attitude. And once his attitude changed, he found himself happy, instead of frustrated and disappointed.… Read More

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