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The Discovery House Drug Rehab Blog

The Discovery House believes in the ongoing support of those in recovery, and in providing public awareness and education! One important way we do this is through our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Blog, power-packed with news, ideas, and recovery help. Visit often, and leave your comments! Recovery is possible!

Robin Williams—The Human Factor


Let’s face it: Robin Williams’ life and work and humor were like the creation of one of the great novelists, bigger than life, his work astonishing and mature at its inception, his humor manic and cathartic and deeply insightful. In a forty-year career, he gave us laughter, tears, and an ongoing personal saga that will probably soon become material for a film at least as powerful as many of his own. Most of all, Robin Williams showed us humanity itself, in all its forms, from the brilliance of his creativity to the desperation of his often haunted spirit. Even in interviews he was on fire, quick to grab an oddity out of the air like a fugitive hummingbird and weave its startling presence into his patter, whatever the subject at hand. Or, to turn the metaphor around, his mind was like a hummingbird, constantly hovering and darting, busy and alert,… Read More

The Importance of Nutritional Balance in Recovery from Addiction

Importance of Nutritional Balance in Recovery

The role of addiction and nutrition on the body’s ability to sustain balance is one so rarely considered by individuals who are entering treatment. Since their substance of choice has become the main priority, addicts typically haven’t taken care of themselves in other respects. Not only is proper nutrition an important component of the physical healing which takes place when ceasing substance abuse, but maintaining a healthy balanced diet is actually a huge contributor to relapse prevention as well.  Balanced nutrition improves mood and health, and when people feel good, they are less likely to start using alcohol and drugs in abusive ways. For this reason it’s important to encourage a healthy diet for people recovering from addiction problems.  The brain and nervous system are strongly impacted by our nutrition, and when these systems are operating at a healthy homeostatic balance, we are better able to handle anything life throws… Read More

Detachment from Addict’s Behavior Benefits Family

Detachment from Addict’s Behavior Benefits Family

One common misconception by families and friends of addicts is the notion that it is their job to protect the addict. They try to control the addict’s behavior and attempt to change the addict’s thinking and attitude. Instead, families and friends benefit themselves and the addict by detaching with love. This does not mean abandoning the addict, nor does it mean losing compassion. On the contrary, detaching with love means to refrain from doing for addicts what they can do for themselves. Distinguish behavior from person Detaching with love has to do with behavior, not with the addicts themselves. Learning to maintain compassion for addicts while avoiding actions that prevent them from the consequences of their behavior can be painful. Watching someone you love destroy their health, employment and relationships is agonizing. Maintaining emotional distance, however, is vital to an addict’s recovery. Detachment helps family members because they grow in… Read More

The Emotional Roller Coaster and the Pink Cloud

The Emotional Roller Coaster and the Pink Cloud

Achieving sobriety is a remarkable relief for those who struggle with addiction. When desperate circumstances provoke an honest desire to seek help overcoming addiction, there is a great freedom from the control of a substance, and joy in finally taking the right steps forward. Why then, is “pink cloud” the term often used to describe this celebratory period in early sobriety, seem to have some irony attributed to it? The answer to this lies in the battle addicts and alcoholics face with emotional ups and downs. The challenge for individuals in recovery is to put the high of this newfound freedom appropriately in perspective. Substance abuse alters moods to extreme shifts between elation and sorrow. Also, addicts and alcoholics tend to self-medicate, the desired effect being to treat unwanted feelings by altering the mind and body. The threat involved in a newcomer’s high on the pink cloud is not only… Read More

Turning Acceptance into Change

Turning Acceptance into Change

             The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change. This quote by American psychologist Carl Rogers is especially powerful for those who want to be, or are in, recovery from drugs or alcohol. Carl Rogers believed that therapy should start with the patient. This is a way of saying that treatment must be individualized to the person at the center of care, the patient. One of the things that he recognized about himself, and those he helped professionally, is that acceptance is the first step to making a change. Acceptance of the pain of life, the stress of life, isn’t easy. It is particular challenging for those with a history of addiction to drugs or alcohol. Often the pain kept inside that may have led to the substance abuse felt easier, at the time, than recognizing… Read More

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