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Discovery Transitions Outpatient Drug Rehab

Discovery Transitions currently operates as the outpatient component for The Discovery House, one of the nation’s best drug and alcohol treatment centers, providing a continuum of care for individuals in our residential treatment program.

Discovery Transitions offers outpatient treatment programs for men and women who need a structured treatment program that is designed to address each resident as an individual. The purpose of this program is to offer residents the treatment and support they need to continue their commitment to recovery while they transition back into a productive life free from drug and alcohol dependence.

The Discovery House offers a variety of treatment phases in order to meet each individual’s recovery needs. Our Transitions program offers care and support to residents who need ongoing treatment to maintain their recovery, but who are stable enough to not need an intensive residential treatment program. These residents meet with staff and therapists daily or weekly in our luxury rehab facilities to work on overcoming their addiction, to manage triggers and apply newly gained coping skills to avoid relapse.

Because each individual is different, some residents will spend much of their day participating in therapy, while others attend only a few sessions each week. Other individuals are able to fit weekly rehab meetings in while still maintaining their job and family responsibilities. Based on each resident’s substance abuse history and addiction type, our counselors will help determine what treatment is needed.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Program

No one wants to let an addiction get in the way of their life. Those who have had a short history with addiction, are at low risk for relapse and who can be counted on to attend therapy sessions faithfully may be candidates for outpatient treatment. These individuals still need professional help, and they will benefit greatly from therapy sessions, but they are able to incorporate our outpatient drug rehab into the rest of their busy life and schedule. Outpatient therapy provides more freedom than inpatient treatment, but both types of rehab take addicted individuals through a rigorous program that teaches them how to live a sober life and avoid relapse.

No-Cost Treatment Assessment

Our no-cost Treatment Assessment helps skilled professionals determine which of our many levels of care may be right for you.

Outpatient Program – 1 on 1 Sessions

Our outpatient program combines the best in individualized care with various group therapies that work to help residents establish a sober support system. Our outpatient programs are from 30 to 180 days or longer depending on an individual’s needs. While enrolled in outpatient, our residents receive one individualized session per week and are expected to participate in support groups a minimum of 9 hours per week.

Individualized Care – Sober Coaching

Our sober coaches work hand in hand with you to help you stay sober but also help you steer clear of negative behaviors and issues that may arise due to co-occurring disorders, such as gambling, sex or eating disorders, or other mental illnesses.

Advanced Treatment Options

We offer Neurofeedback in addition to our other evidenced based therapies. Seventy-seven percent of participants who receive neurofeedback in conjunction with a 12-Step program remain abstinent at 12 months, compared to 44 percent of those who didn’t receive neurofeedback, according to a study published by UCLA.

At Discovery Transitions, we strongly believe in an individualized approach to recovery. We know that each resident is different, and what works for one person might not work for another. While some people are in need of a structured environment around the clock, others are able to return home after attending therapy sessions at a drug alcohol treatment center. Our staff treats each resident as an individual and always with dignity and respect. We walk residents through the entire recovery process, from sub-acute detox all the way into our aftercare alumni program. Our long term treatment centers for addiction help residents succeed in recovery and get back to their lives.

Get Help with Our Outpatient Drug Treatment

Continue your recovery by going through our outpatient drug treatment program. Discovery Transitions can equip you or a loved one with the tools necessary to overcome addiction. Contact us via our form or by calling 888.962.8208 for more information about continuing your recovery process in one of our addiction treatment programs.
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  • When we chose The Discovery House for our son’s treatment, we had no idea what to expect or what the outcome would be. We cannot be happier with our experience and would recommend the program to anyone going through a similar situation.Mike & Sharon M.
  • The Discovery House was a safe place for me to get on my feet again and learn to live sober. The cleanliness, great management and quality food were all qualities that I was pleased with. I felt able to live comfortably, and get the treatment I needed.David
  • I have been to other facilities in the past, but The Discovery House was different. The house was cleaner and less tension for me. The food was great, staff was reasonable, and the rooms were spacious.John
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