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Welcome to The Discovery House Residential Treatment Centers ​

First of all, we would like to welcome you to The Discovery House. ​We are here to help you through the entire recovery process and, most of all, we want to ensure that you have all the information you need before you begin treatment at our residential treatment centers. ​As a result, we’ve outlined some important information to help you prepare for what to expect.

Family Days and Visiting Hours

Here are The Discovery House, we encourage family togetherness. We know that addiction is a family disease. Research shows that family involvement can contribute greatly to the success of long-term recovery. Our family program is a strong component to every client’s recovery.

Another one of the ways that we meet our clients where they are, is by including family members in the recovery process. That’s why we hold multi-family group sessions every Saturday. We welcome families into our facility at this time for an individual family consult. In addition, they can provide support for their loved ones and they can also learn more about the disease of addiction. Furthermore, they will develop stronger relationships with one another. In conclusion, we also work with both the individual and their families to help address the underlying causes which have contributed to their addiction.

Cell Phone Policy

To ensure the safety of each of our clients and staff, we enforce a strict cell phone policy. Consequently, as you move through the levels of care, you will be granted limited access to your cell phone.

Phase One of the Treatment Process:

A thirty day phone black out is enforced. As well, the house phone is available for use and calls are monitored.

Phase Two of the Treatment Process:

Cell phones are accessible.

Smoking Policy

The Discovery House enforces a no indoor smoking, vaping, or chewing policy. Rather, we ask that clients use the designated outdoor smoking area located in our courtyard.

Personal Belongings

You will need a few personal items. Include a a change of clothes, comfortable shoes, and personal care items. Additionally, you will need your personal ID card and your insurance card. Finally, bring any medications prescribed by your doctor.

What to Leave at Home

While it may seem pretty straightforward, these items are strictly prohibited in any of our facilities:

  • Drugs
  • AlcoholD
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Weapons

In addition, items that are suggestive of drugs or alcohol will not allowed in any of our facilities. This includes clothing, music, and movies representing substance abuse.

In conclusion, the staff at The Discovery House is here to support your efforts in developing and maintaining a substance-free lifestyle. Your active participation and cooperation with our policies will only help your recovery process. Any violation of our policies may result in a client’s discharge without recourse.