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Transitional Living Program

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At The Discovery House, our only goal is to help the suffering addict. We want our residents to have the greatest chance of success at living a life of recovery. Furthermore, providing a continuum of care is extremely important to us.

First of all, clients in our transitional living program have the freedom of independent living with the support of a well-structured household environment. Also, each client continues to develop new coping skills and find substance-free solutions to their stressors that at one time seemed impossible to manage.

Most of all, every client in the transitional living program will have the support and encouragement they need. In addition, they pursue habilitating activities such as education, employment, and volunteer opportunities to support their recovery.

Another benefit of our transitional living program is that residents all have stories of addiction and grow to understand the disease they share. Finally, they continue to develop and apply new coping skills and find substance-free solutions to their stressors that at one time seemed impossible to manage.

Transitional Living Program Highlights

Our beautiful homes are designed specifically for clients to stay committed to a substance-free life. The design and colors are trauma-informed and inducive to healing. Especially relevant, we are also a pet-friendly facility.

  • House manager oversees each household
  • Attendance of 12 Step meetings
  • Working with a sponsor
  • Sober coaches
  • Morning meditations
  • Random drug and alcohol testing
  • Participation in house meetings
  • Celebrating individual progress
  • Addressing household concerns

Transitional Living Program Eligibility

Due to our commitment to a full continuum of care, clients must complete a residential treatment program. In addition, they must be working, seeking employment, attending school, or volunteering to remain eligible for supportive housing.

Our Transitional Living Houses

Each household is private, serene and includes:

  • Spacious bedrooms
  • A pool
  • Backyard barbecue
  • Washer and dryer
  • High-speed internet service
  • Bikes

Our beautiful homes are designed specifically for a mutually-supportive living environment. Therefore, making it easier for residents to stay committed to an addiction-free life.

Additional Care Options

Sober Coaching

We have sober coaches available to work hand in hand with you to assist you in maintaining your recovery. In addition, sober coaches help to apply and maintain coping skills which will keep you free of negative behaviors.