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As a member of our alumni program you will always have numbers to call and people to turn to who understand that the transition to life in recovery isn’t always easy. Our active alumni program means that you will always have support and your recovery family to turn to when you need it most.

What Does The Alumni Program Entail?

Our alumni program is social and consists of group activities that are peer designed and staff supported. We have designed our alumni program to provide support to members and also to help them get involved with positive activities in the community. Our alumni coordinator reaches out frequently to keep everyone connected to the group and to share their recovery.

Learn to Indulge in Your Substance-Free Life

Our alumni group has planned outings to help you learn to have fun without substances. You will also be able to take an active part in the planning of community volunteer activities. You’ll continue learning to enjoy your life healthily and sober.

Join Our Monthly Alumni Meetings

Every month we host a standing alumni meeting. Stay in touch with friends that you made during your stay and make new connections to further support your recovery. You’ll also get to touch base with your favorite staff members to let them know how you are doing.