Effects of Adderall Addiction and Abuse

Adderall is the most popular prescribed amphetamine and ADHD treatment drug in the U.S. While it is commonly prescribed by doctors, it’s not as a safe as many believe. The stimulant has nearly identical effects as cocaine and it increases dopamine levels in one’s brain to create more alertness. Most begin using Adderall to enhance productivity at work or cram for a crucial exam. It’s casually referred to as speed, pep pills, black beauties and uppers.

Side Effects of Adderall Addiction Abuse

Adderall typically comes in the form of a tablet in the range of five to 30 milligrams to be taken orally, or crushed and snorted. Withdrawal symptoms of Adderall are harsh and an addiction can be awfully tough to overcome. Those who use and abuse Adderall are said to experience euphoria, a suppressed appetite, boost of confidence and enhanced concentration. Adderall abuse can lead to many health issues and eventually death in the event of an overdose.

Signs of an Adderall Overdose Include:

  • Uncontrollable shaking
  • Chest pain
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Fast breathing
  • Fainting

To enhance the effects of the drug, abusers of Adderall commonly mix it with cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana. Alcohol poisoning is especially common when abusing Adderall, as the drug’s alertness camouflages signs and symptoms of serious inebriation.

Adderall Addiction Treatment

An addiction to Adderall only grows stronger each moment a person waits before they elect to get help. Withdrawal symptoms for this drug are taxing, but an Adderall addiction can certainly be beaten with appropriate help and treatment.

At The Discovery House in Los Angeles, addiction treatment programs are available for anyone battling an Adderall addiction at our luxury rehab facilities. We have a staff of Certified Substance Abuse counselors at our long term treatment centers for addiction who prepare each client for long term recovery. Our programs can be personalized for anyone’s needs and concerns, and take place at the best drug and alcohol centers in America.

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