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What to Expect at Rehab

Any time we enter into the unknown, it can be scary. Committing to an addiction treatment program becomes easier when you know what to expect and what to bring to rehab. We are here to help you through the process, and whenever possible, we will give you information beforehand about what to expect so that you are more prepared.


Drug and alcohol rehab does not have to be intimidating. The staff at The Discovery House drug alcohol treatment center is here to help, and our top priority is to help individuals live a life of sobriety. Prior to your arrival, our admissions staff will speak with you as a potential resident to go over all the necessary details and information about insurance and payment that you will need. Then, you will meet with our Certified Counselors to determine what kind of therapy and addiction treatment services will be best for you. Once an initial treatment plan has been established, the sub-acute detox process will begin, if necessary. Again, our staff is here to make you comfortable and encourage you through your recovery.


After you have successfully detoxed from your substance, counseling and therapy sessions will take place at our luxury rehab facilities to help you learn how to live without your substance. Residents can expect to attend four group therapy sessions per day, and two to three individual counseling sessions per week. For individuals with family members close by, we provide sessions specifically for families to learn how to mend their relationships and be a support to each other.

Residents at The Discovery House can expect to be tested regularly for drugs to ensure their sobriety. We also take residents on socialization outings in order to help our residents learn how to live a sober life outside of our drug treatment center. Once the residential and outpatient stages of treatment are complete, residents are invited to participate in our alumni program. This long term aftercare program provides ongoing support to help prevent relapse.

The Discovery House, one of the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in America, is a Joint Commission accredited facility that is fully licensed. We provide an individualized approach to treatment, using a variety of methods to help address residents’ needs.

There are many questions individuals have when considering treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. Our rehab addiction specialists can help you prepare by letting you know what to expect at our long term treatment centers for addiction.

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  • When we chose The Discovery House for our son’s treatment, we had no idea what to expect or what the outcome would be. We cannot be happier with our experience and would recommend the program to anyone going through a similar situation.Mike & Sharon M.
  • The Discovery House was a safe place for me to get on my feet again and learn to live sober. The cleanliness, great management and quality food were all qualities that I was pleased with. I felt able to live comfortably, and get the treatment I needed.David
  • I have been to other facilities in the past, but The Discovery House was different. The house was cleaner and less tension for me. The food was great, staff was reasonable, and the rooms were spacious.John
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