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The Discovery House is ranked among the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in the country. Our drug alcohol treatment center staff is composed of certified professionals who are dedicated to our residents’ long term recovery. We have on staff certified counselors and an administration team to help you every step of the way.

This group of caring and compassionate individuals is committed to providing the most effective treatment for each resident. Each professional collaborates with the others to provide top quality care at our long term treatment centers for addiction. The addiction treatment services team of The Discovery House brings years of experience to the program in order to help residents achieve lifelong sobriety.

What sets The Discovery House apart is the attitude of our staff and the experiences that each one brings to the program. We use an eclectic approach to treatment, combining different, proven techniques that are facilitated by our caring staff members.

Management Team:

Tom Whiting

Tom Whiting


Tom Whiting has been involved in the addiction recovery field for over 25 years. From working on his own recovery to owning a sober living home and being the chair of the San Fernando Valley Sober Living Coalition; Tom has been relentless in his pursuit to improve the lives of those struggling from the disease of drug and alcohol addiction. Due to his successful career in home construction and his keen insight into the shortcomings of other treatment programs, Tom has been able to build The Discovery House from the ground up to meet all the needs of addiction treatment. As Executive Director, he works tirelessly to ensure that The Discovery House maintains the highest level of care.


McKay Whiting


McKay Whiting oversees the Admissions and Intake Department, processing all admission calls and providing necessary information pertaining to services, program and treatment. McKay brings years of both personal and professional experience working in addiction and recovery. She has tremendous passion and enthusiasm for facilitating residents and their families in making the life-altering changes necessary to begin the process of recovery. Often times the first point of contact at The Discovery House, McKay is highly skilled at immediate crisis intervention and always brings compassion and understanding to individuals and family members.

David D

David Dequa, MA, MCA, CSC

Chief Executive Officer

>David brings years of experience working with individuals and families struggling with complex psychological and behavioral healthcare difficulties with an emphasis on addiction. In addition to providing family programming, Mr. DeQua provides training for all staff at The Discovery House to ensure services are delivered in a professional manner for each resident, and he trains other treatment professionals to deepen their understanding and skills. He demonstrates an ongoing passion for the field of Addiction having taught and lectured about family disorders and treatment in Southern California. “I have dedicated my career to improving the quality of life of individuals and families experiencing addiction or mental health difficulties and the economic, interpersonal and spiritual losses people suffer. It is the individual that is the building block of family; healthy families are essential for safe community and communities are the building block of societies.”

Olivia Bernal

Olivia Bernal, CADC-II

Senior Clinical Director

Olivia has been working in the chemical dependency counseling field for almost a decade. “I pursued this career to help those individuals suffering from a seemingly hopeless affliction to a new way life. I continue to have passion for this field as I can see men and women grasp their own journey in recovery and begin to reunite with their families”


Joy Crownover

Operations Manager
Joy has a great passion for working in the field of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. She greatly benefited from her time as an intake counselor at the Salvation Army where she was on the front lines helping the most destitute. Joy is the backbone of The Discovery House luxury rehab facilities, making sure everything runs smoothly. “At The Discovery House, the amount of one on one care is so beneficial to the struggling addict.”






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