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Giving Back to the Recovery Community

September 14, 2013 Articles

In treatment centers across the country there are therapists, nurses, directors and support staff who were once addicted to drugs or alcohol, and who now devote their time to helping others.

These men and women find great reward in working with others who are going through the same kind of struggle they did, and because of these individuals’ work, many others are succeeding in sobriety today.

Giving Back Helps Others in Recovery 

A recovered addict makes an effective treatment provider for many reasons. These individuals know first-hand the struggle that someone in recovery is going through.

They know the disappointments and the challenges. They’ve made the same excuses, and told the same lies. They have experienced the temptations, and the devastation of relapse.

To be able to put that experience and knowledge to use provides a great advantage to others in recovery. Just as support groups are successful because they allow people to strengthen each other, having a treatment provider who truly understands the struggle can tremendously help those currently in recovery.

Giving Back Helps in One’s Own Recovery

Dedicating one’s life to helping others recover from an addiction is a way for the individual to aid in their own recovery as well.

Helping others allows the person to stay connected to the recovery community and continue on the straight path to recovery. It takes their focus off of themselves and their own temptation to use, and directs it toward something positive, such as helping others.

Whether the person becomes a licensed treatment staff member or they simply devote a few extra hours a week to being a mentor to someone in recovery, helping others is a great way to give back to a community that helped the person get their own life back.

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  • I have been to other facilities in the past, but The Discovery House was different. The house was cleaner and less tension for me. The food was great, staff was reasonable, and the rooms were spacious.John
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